Why can’t my own technical or software development team do what you can do for me?

Well they can actually, usually quite well. They are usually so busy implementing technical solutions that you have hired them to carry out that they don’t have the time.ย  It’s quite a lot of work to find, verify and address strategic risks in your digital products and the re-align the underlying tactics and objectives that created them.

As a sole proprietor and an independent business person, I have no political stake in your organization. So pointing out gaps in your digital strategy to improve your digital products can be done without triggering questions of authority or operational resources.

Your organizational culture is something I will look at and suggest adjustments to improve your digital strategy and your digital products. Having said that, I’m not your priest or your police officer. I’ll help you transform your culture if your organization wants transformation, but that has to happen organically within the organization.

I have direct technical experience and credibility. I know how different types of software development skills relate to each other. I also know how these skills are most effectively activated by cross functional teams to create products. This means I am able to work with technology teams to solve problems. More importantly, it means I do not do this by “just telling them what to do”. Instead I focus on activating the team with better guidance on outcomes roles and expectations, which focuses a team on producing high quality products.