Digital Products

Digital Products - Tardis

Digital products are the way you package interactive media

Interactive mediums activate your audiences, giving all of them ways they can help your organization fulfill it’s mission, without your knowing exactly how they will do that. This is important because you have to set expectations within your organizations internal and external audiences about how everyone can help you meet your mission. The clearest and most effective way to set those expectations is to package them into digital products.

Your digital products are the packaging around that collaboration. They are primarily software based systems, but they are more than just utilities or content. Designing and building effective digital products includes understanding how these products affect your entire organizations value creating process. That means that within your organization you may will have to consider how the product impacts operations, legal, fulfillment, sales, customer service, case management, executive leadership and, of course, the public.

Making the best choices for framing value creating processes with an eye toward sharing and improving them, is the craft of creating great digital products.