About Me

My name is Larry Cummings and I help organizations create great digital products that allow everyone to help your organization succeed.

I lead your organization through a discovery process, through strategic planning, and ultimately to delivery. I help organizations understand the impact of creating and growing your digital product portfolio. I am very quick-minded, and have a concise and organized communications style.  You should really talk to me about what great digital products we can create together.

How I fit into a team

I work under lots of different titles: Digital product developer, user name experience researcher, production team leader, and of course entrepreneur.

Here’s what you should know about how I fit into a team.

Change catalyst – I helped many organizations move into the interactive marketing era before most of them had any idea why that required them to change.

Creator – I created Larry.org before anyone knew what a personal website was for, before the word “blog” even existed. I was the lead on the first Arizona Diamondbacks website.

Community Builder – I love how people can come together and create something unique and interesting. As a result I’m very involved in a number of community projects.

What draws me to this kind of work?

I have some core values and passions that you should know about! I am very good at what I do because I am:

  • Visionary – I see the big picture & prefer concepts & ideas over facts & details
  • Always Solving – identifying & resolving problems; managing crisis
  • Expressing/Relating – I excel at consensus building, communicating clearly and consistently
  • Resourcing/Deciding – phasing and staging the activities, deciding what not to do is the hardest work
  • Delivering/Executing – demonstrating quantifiable results, relying on expert members to activate team

Other fun facts about me.

I grew up as an Army Brat and lived all over the US and in Panama and Argentina as a child. I love baseball, especially the Baltimore Orioles and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I am a voracious consumer of new music and like to listen to two or three new albums each week. I enjoy board games because I love interacting with people in person.