What are your qualifications?

That’s a great question. I am surprised this question is asked so infrequently. Maybe that’s because I have a great answer. My three core values are far more relevant to my qualifications than my tactical skills.

  • I’m honest and trustworthy. I am very clear on what I can do, what I can’t do, how I work and how it will help. If I commit to do something I make sure it get’s done.
  • I have reasonable rates. Digital products are hard to make and that means, from a total cost to deliver angle, they are costly. I don’t create more cost than value in that effort. I have and will adjust my cost structure if I become convinced it will result in our creating great digital products.
  • I work fast to deliver immediate value and am very organized. I come up to speed very fast, but I realize that I should never create an unhealthy dependence on my expertise. So I work to balance my expertise in product development with support to transfer that knowledge and experience into the organizations I work with. I often help my clients hire people that replace or exceed my own expertise.